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Greg Cennamo, ASQ CRE

Greg Cennamo, ASQ CRE

Mr. Cennamo is an American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE). He has over a decade of experience in reliability and logistics across several industries, both commercial and military, and various product types. The majority and most recent of Mr. Cennamo's experience is in the aerospace industry. This aerospace experience is primarily in critical and some non-critical electronics assemblies.

Mr. Cennamo was classically trained as an electrical engineer prior to getting into reliability. Mr. Cennamo has worked on and completed designs as a subcontractor and is continuously exposed to electrical designs of others for review, failure analysis, and corrective action determination. Please see the tab on the JR23 design for a detailed look at Mr. Cennamo's ability to take a proven concept and translate it into a producible and reliability custom design using surface mount technologies.

Mr. Cennamo has been formally trained and experienced over the years on the services currently offered by Cennamo Electronics. Mr. Cennamo has effectively applied these techniques and effectively trained others on many of these subjects as well.

Prior to this experience Mr. Cennamo obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from The Ohio State University and has completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Franklin University.

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Cennamo Electronics has contacts with additional individuals with similar skillsets as well as different experiences. For instance, Cennamo Electronics maintains connections with Mechanical Engineers and dedicated Electrical Design Engineers as well as other Reliability Engineers. Cennamo Electronics products always are evaluated to maintain quality standards of the tests, analyses, and results.

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Cennamo Electronics, LLC is a limited liability company formed in the state of Ohio.